At Joėl Sunglasses we believe that every purchase you make has the power to change the world! Even just a little bit!

Our philosophy revolves mainly around three core values.

               - “We love fashion

               - ”We love the environment

               - “We love all people

We love fashion

Sunglasses have always been linked with a sense of rebellion and mystery. They compliment every look and create a unique personal style.

At Joėl Sunglasses we believe that the right to be fashionable applies to everyone. This is why we are commited to providing you with high quality products at reasonable and affordable

prices for everyone.

We love the environment

The environment is the reason people breathe, move and live. We should respect and love it! This is why we want to minimize any negative impact on the environment by offering many eco-friendly options. We believe that if we become more considerate with our choices when purchasing goods we can have a great impact on the planet. That also applies to fashion! 

For this reason we have created our "Eco-friendly Collection". In this collection the sunglasses are made of environmentally friendly, plant-based and recycled materials like sustainable wood, cellulose acetate, recycled acetate, stainless steel. We strongly encourage everyone to embrace this collection!

Our goal for the future is to help minimize the negative impact on the environment.

We can always go greener!

We love all people

We stand for equality! We stand for diversity! Joel Sunglasses is embracing uniqueness. Fashion is about beauty, and beauty is all about expressing the real you! As a fashion accessory a pair of sunglasses can help you express yourself, feel comfortable or even make a statement! You choose!

Our sunglasses are for everyone! That’s why we wanted to avoid stereotypical categorizations. All of our sunglasses are Unisex. Just pick your favorite pairs of sunglasses and wear them with pride in any occasion!

Be unique, be yourself. We love you as you are!

JoĖl Sunglasses


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